The Rewards Of Becoming A Sperm Donor

The Rewards Of Becoming A Sperm Donor

Sperm donors are in demand globally as more individuals and couples rely on donations to start and grow their families and more fertility treatment options become available.

Benefits For Donors In Our Program At Denver Sperm Bank

Compensation For Donations

Donors earn financial compensation for each donation that is useable for treatments. This means the donation is free from infectious agents and has usable sperm counts.

The compensation can help individuals cover day-to-day expenses, pay off debts, or save for future goals.

At Denver Sperm Bank, donors can earn up to $100 per donation up to 3 times per week. Additionally, we have a referral program where you can earn bonuses for every friend who also joins the program.

Health Benefits

Donors receive routine health exams, tests, and screenings. This ensures that donations are usable and free from infectious disease, but it also is a great way to keep tabs on your personal health. Physicals are performed every 6 months, and STI testing is routine as long as you are actively donating.

When entering the program all donors receive genetic carrier screening as well. This screening panel is more in-depth than commercially available products and will give you invaluable information about what genetic conditions you may carry but not necessarily show any physical symptoms for.

Any health results will always be made available to you and can be shared with your primary care team for your personal medical records.

Scheduling Flexibility

Many donors have busy lives, either as a student or working, which doesn’t leave much time to earn extra income. Donors are able to create their own schedule ahead of time or visit the lab as a walk-in appointment. This flexibility makes it easy to balance other commitments between school, work, friends, and family.

Minimal Time Commitment

Speaking of scheduling, donation appointments are relatively quick, taking around 15 to 20 minutes. Making it easy to stop by the lab early in the day before heading into work or class or on a lunch break.

We ask that you donate at least once per week, with a maximum of 3 visits per week.

Helping Families

Sperm donation offers a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals or couples struggling with infertility. By becoming a donor, you contribute to the possibility of someone else experiencing the joy of parenthood. For many people, the sense of altruism and the fulfillment of helping others can be a significant motivator.

Applying To The Donor Program

We’re always looking for new donors to join the program to help support families. Applying to the donor program at Denver Sperm Bank is quick and easy. It starts with an online application.

  1. Apply online and visit in person. After you complete your application online, you will receive instructions for your in-person visit.
  2. Complete medical history paperwork. Our Donor Coordinator will be available to help assist with any questions you have along the way. The medical history will help us better understand any conditions or traits you may have.
  3. Lab tests and health exams. We draw blood, take a urine sample, and give a complete physical examination as our last check-in, assessing your health as a sperm donor. On the day of your physical examination, you will be welcome to start being compensated for any donations.

If you have any questions about our donor program do not hesitate to contact our team at 303-970-5897 or email us at [email protected].